CCTV cameras in Eastwood and Kimberley will be reviewed to help residents 'feel secure'

A review of anti-crime CCTV cameras in Eastwood and Kimberley has been ordered to help residents feel more ‘safe and secure’ in a post-Covid world.

Thursday, 18th March 2021, 3:13 pm
A full review of all the borough's cameras has been ordered.

Broxtowe Borough Council has ordered a comprehensive review of its CCTV operation, which includes 60 cameras, in all the borough’s towns.

The review comes shortly after the tragic death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard, who vanished while walking home late at night in south London. This has sparked calls for greater security across the country.

As lockdown restrictions are set to be eased next month, Coun Milan Radulovic, leader of Broxtowe Borough Council, said he wants people to feel confident going out on their towns again.

He said: “Eastwood has a great reputation for its bars and restaurants.

“We’ve got some of the best restaurants in the whole region in Eastwood town centre – they are fantastic.

“We want to make sure they can trade as successfully as possible and that people who use them feel safe and secure. It’s really about trying to make people confident.

“If they don’t feel confident about going out then that will affect trade, it’ll have a knock-on effect.”

The review will look at the effectiveness of the cameras, the clarity of images and amount of coverage, as well as identifying potential crime hotspots and intimidating areas.

The council will also assess the amount of cameras to determine whether there are not enough in certain areas, or too many.

Coun Radulovic added: “We are taking a really close look at it. We want to maximise public security without compromising individual freedoms.”

The local authority is also planning on using mobile cameras at some of the hotspot areas around the borough.

Coun Radulovic added: “For example, when we’ve got incidents of fly-tipping in certain areas, we’re going to put CCTV in so we can deal with the offenders.

“There are a variety of things we are looking into with this review. The main thing is that we want people to feel safe and feel that incidents can be reported quickly and dealt with efficiently and effectively.”