Could you take in Tyson?

Terrific Tyson at the shelter
Terrific Tyson at the shelter

Tyson is a very handsome big boy, who is playful but can forget how large he is when he gets excited. Clink on the link above to see more photos of Tyson.

Tyson is a very intelligent dog and will need lots of exercise and mental stimulation, he can be stubborn at times and his recall isn’t always as sharp as it should be, so he would definitely benefit from more training.

Tyson has a beautiful coat and will need to be groomed daily, to keep his shedding manageable and to keep his coat in good condition.

He will need experienced owners, time and dedication allowing Tyson to thrive. He has such a lovely laid back personality, typical of his breed and has lots of love to give, he loves cuddles and has an adorable warm heart.

Of course, whilst bonfire night has gone, everyone still continues to enjoy fireworks the weekend after, including at New Year. So Radcliffe Animal Centre have put together some tips to help keep your pet safe and stress free.

Fireworks can be pretty noisy and really frightening for your pets. As well as being stressful for them, animals have really acute hearing and loud bangs and whistles can even cause them pain.

• It is a good idea to start gradually exposing your pets to the sounds of distant fireworks. Sound desensitisation can be really useful in getting your pets ready for the crashes and bangs. You can learn more at

• Pheromone therapies are available to purchase and can help with some firework anxieties. They come in a variety of options such as diffusers, sprays, collars or supplements to suit the needs of your pet. Alternatively, speak to your vet about referring to a behaviourist or they may consider prescribing medication to help calm your animal.

• Put on the TV or radio and close windows and curtains to help to mask the sounds of fireworks.

• Read to your dog as a helpful way to reduce stress (for both you and your dog). Choose a place that feels warm and safe. The soothing, continuous and familiar sound of your voice will help distract from the noise of fireworks and make you both feel more at ease.

• Find one or more spaces in your house where your dog could hide in a comfy spot, with their favourite toys and food/treats. If you dog goes to these areas then leave them to settle there and try not to impose yourself on them. They should be allowed to feel in control in these areas.

• And just as importantly - make sure your cats are brought in before fireworks are likely to be let off.

If you would like to find out more about Tyson visit alternatively you can ring: 0115 855 0222, email or if you would like to visit the centre: RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre, 32 Nottingham Rd, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham, NG12 2DW.