Drivers slammed for damaging cars and speeding along main road in Eastwood

An Eastwood resident has slammed drivers for damaging cars and ignoring speed limits on one of the town’s major roads.

Thursday, 6th May 2021, 3:00 pm
Parked cars along Nottingham Road, Eastwood. Image: Google Maps.

Peter Morley, who lives on Nottingham Road, has raised concerns about the huge increase in traffic using a particular section of the main road.

He said drivers need to remember that the road is residential and to take more care around parked cars.

He said: “There is a huge increase in traffic now using the section of Nottingham Road, from the junction of Dovecote Road to Newthorpe Common and beyond.

“While this is a major road into Eastwood, it is also predominantly residential with parking on the left hand side.

“It appears the route is being used excessively by HGVs from the IKEA junction at Giltbrook as a shortcut along Dovecote Road to junction 27 M1, instead of using the A610.”

Mr Morley’s concerns hit an all-time high when his own car was damaged by passing vehicles.

He said: “Cars that are parked are regularly damaged, including my own a few weeks ago, because there is not adequate passing space for large vehicles and buses.”

The resident is also concerned about the lack of speed cameras, which he said means that drivers are often going way too fast.

“Speed limits are regularly ignored as there is no camera at any section,” Mr Morley added.

One of the main reasons for the traffic problem, he said, is the increased development of housing in the area.

He said: “This is adding to the current problems for all residents of Eastwood, and, in particular, Giltbrook and Newthorpe.

“The increased development of housing in these areas is having a massive effect – with worse to come as more properties are built.

“This is also compounded by the huge popularity of the retail park.”

Mr Morley said that something must be done as soon as possible to try and resolve the problem.

He concluded: “The local road network simply cannot cope with this increased amount of traffic.”

The resident has expressed his concerns to both Nottinghamshire County Council and also to local MPs.