Eastwood resident complains trees make her 'prisoner in her own home'

An Eastwood woman says she is ‘like a prisoner in her own home’ as bothersome trees shed their spores all over her garden every year.

Monday, 12th July 2021, 3:36 pm
Linda captured this photo of her driveway, in which it appears to be snowing but is actually cottonwood tree spores.

Linda Thurgar, who lives in Plumptre Way, said three cottonwood trees located near to her home constantly fill her garden with white fluffy seeds – making her life a ‘nightmare’ during the spring and summer months.

She has complained that the spores stop her enjoying her own garden and that she dare not even open the windows.

Linda said: “I am a prisoner in my own house.

The cottonwood tree spores make it impossible to sit outside and enjoy the garden.

"I cannot open my windows or doors for the fluff coming in and friends will not come round because we cannot sit outside or have windows open.

“It has got worse over the past three years.

“I have a garden I cannot use or have barbecues in.”

The riled resident said it is no use trying to clean up her garden or driveway, as the spores return very rapidly.

The fluffy white seeds are taking over Linda's garden.

She has made many complaints to Via East Midlands Ltd, which is responsible for the maintenance of the trees on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, but is worried that she is not being taken seriously.

She said: “It is not just inconvenient, it is a nightmare. I struggle to breathe and when it rains the road is dangerous and a few accidents have happened – but the council still does not acknowledge this is an issue to people.

“There is also a chip shop that is struggling with this as a health issue.”

Linda has turned to many people for advice on the issue but is yet to find a long-term solution.

“I was told by a tree surgeon that because our demise is soon compared to the tree, then that wins,” she said.

Via East Midlands Ltd has undertaken an inspection of the trees following an official complaint from Linda.

A spokesman said: “It has been assessed that the trees are not causing a danger to the general public or affecting safety on the highway.

"We currently only have available resources to ensure that our highway trees and and vegetation are maintained to a safe standard and unfortunately this means that standard maintenance requests that are non-safety related cannot be dealt with.

"We will not be proceeding with any pruning works at this time.”