Fall in sex offences, burglary and knife crime in Notts

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The number of sex offences, burglaries and knife offences has dropped in the last year in the county, according to national statistics.

Burglaries fell by ten per cent in the year to June 2019, and new dedicated burglary teams are believed to be having an impact.

This reduction is greater than the national average, which fell by four per cent.

Knife crime fell by two percent during the same period, despite national and regional increases.

The reduction in sexual offences is believed to be due to a drop off in sexual offence reports after a spike in recent years following a major investigation into non-recent child sexual abuse and a national enquiry.

However, drugs offences rose by 48 per cent in the same period, which the force say is a reflection of the success of operations to tackle drug supply and anti-social behaviour, including Operation Relentless, Operation Guardian and Operation Prolate.

These operations have targeted a large increase in the number of people using mamba in the last year, with officers taking enforcement action whilst working with partner agencies to refer people into treatment to try to prevent future offences.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cooper said: "These reductions in key crimes are really pleasing because they follow some real concerted efforts to have an impact.

"We introduced dedicated teams to tackle knife crime and burglary because we identified those as areas where we could focus resources to be really effective and get results. They are also crimes that people consistently tell us they'd like us to tackle.

"We have also invested in Schools and Early Intervention Officers in secondary schools and a new Dare 25 programme of knife crime education in primary schools as part of a long-term strategy to reduce knife crime.

"In recent years we have increased the resources into the investigation of sexual assault, including non-recent offences. In addition to that we have run Operation Equinox, an investigation into non-recent abuse, and worked alongside the national enquiry IICSA, which increased awareness and confidence of people to come forward and report offences. Whilst investigations continue, we now are experiencing expected levels of reporting of sexual offences."

The crime figures, released today by the Office of National Statistics, showed volumes of all crime dealt with by Notts Police increased by seven per cent in the 12 months to June 2019. This compares to an increase of six per cent nationally and 12 per cent across the East Midlands.

Robbery rose by ten per cent, which is in line with the national average increase of 11 per cent and the regional average of nine per cent. The force has introduced a dedicated robbery team in the last year to tackle some of the most serious, weapon-enabled street robberies.

Violence against the person increased by 19 per cent, compared to 15 per cent nationally and 30 per cent across the East Midlands.

ACC Cooper added: "Nottinghamshire Police works hard to target its resources where they are needed most and spend the public's money wisely.

"We will continue to strive for improvements across all areas as more officers are recruited to the force in the coming year.

"We already have plans to have 175 new police constables join the front line by March 2020, but following further funding from the government, we want to add another 100 plus officers from the national allocation which could be one of the largest ever increases in a single year."