Fearless Notts police dog who was stabbed in the face receives bravery award

A tenacious police dog who was stabbed in the face in the line of duty has been hailed a national hero after his latest exploits to take down a machete-wielding suspect.

Wednesday, 15th September 2021, 10:58 am
Police dog Quantum has been honoured for his bravery. Photo: Nottinghamshire Police.

PD Quantum, who has racked up more than 100 arrests during his four-year career with Nottinghamshire Police, was presented with the highly commended accolade in the Outstanding Bravery category of the Thin Blue Paw Awards on December 14.

The organisers received more than 150 nominations from across the country.

But the panel of judges recognised Quantum for showing extraordinary bravery in the line of duty, particularly in relation for his work to detain a machete-wielding suspect in Clifton, despite being kicked and attacked by the man.

As well as the award, he has also been given a lifetime of food to enjoy in his retirement.

Quantum joined the force in 2016 after being gifted by South Yorkshire Police in memory of PD Rebus, who was killed while on duty in an accident, and in 2017, he was partnered with PC Jen Ellse.

In May 2018, Quantum was stabbed in the face while trying to detain two robbery suspects who he had tracked from the crash site of a car they had stolen.

PC Ellse also sustained an injury to her eye socket whilst attempting to make the arrests.

Both recovered and they were back in action in January 2020 to find a violent aggravated burglary suspect in pitch black darkness after an elderly woman had been tied up and robbed at knife-point in Keyworth.

Later that year in April, Quantum was once again injured when he was hit with a large piece of wood with a nail in it as he detained an offender who attacked a police officer unconscious at Nottingham railway station.

But again, Quantum bounced back to help catch a Hucknall driver who attempted to evade arrest after when his car smashed into parked vehicles in April this year.

PC Ellse said: "I feel so proud of Quantum and I'm so glad that he's received the recognition he deserves.

"We spend just about every minute of every day together so I am incredibly attached to him.

"He is incredibly brave and relentless and his hard work and determination has resulted in many criminals ending up securely behind bars.

"Criminals are terrified of him and so they should be.

"I honestly believe I have the best job in the force.

"I've wanted to work as a police dog handler since I was a child.

"I've been around dogs all my life and getting the opportunity to do my best and really make a difference with my wingman in tow is incredibly rewarding for me.

"Quantum will live out his retirement with me following all his hard work and when he has had enough."

Kieran Stanbridge, The Thin Blue Paw Foundation trustee and award judge, added: “PD Quantum has had an incredible career and has been involved in some shocking incidents where he has been attacked and injured.

"Through it all he’s shown bravery, courage and commitment to his job, to his handler and to protecting his community which is why we felt he deserved a highly commended in our Outstanding Bravery category.”