Fears over impact of boundary changes in Kimberley rejected as 'alarmist nonsense'

A councillor’s concerns over plans to merge Nuthall, Kimberley and Watnall into a Nottingham district have been shot down and called ‘alarmist nonsense’.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 1:57 pm
Councillor Phillip Owen's concerns over the proposed changes have been called 'alarmist nonsense'.

The controversial boundary change, which is being consulted on, would see the trio merged with the current Nottingham North area, which includes the likes of Bulwell.

It would move Kimberley Nuthall and Watnall from Broxtowe to a new Nottingham North and Kimberley constituency.

Coun Philip Owen, who represents Nuthall and Kimberley on Notts County Council, recently expressed fears the plans would destroy “thriving individual communities”.

But Eastwood Town Councillor Robert Bullock has since rejected the concerns, calling them ‘alarmist nonsense’.

He said: “Mr Owen claims ‘100 years of history’ and ‘thriving individual communities would be destroyed’ and the ‘village and community way of life’ is at stake. Is he serious, really?

“As a resident of Eastwood for 40 years I can reassure him that the communities of both Eastwood and Brinsley, which are in Ashfield constituency and part of Broxtowe district have managed to survive.

“Nothing will change in Kimberley, Nuthall or Watnall other than the MP.

“Residents will still be part of Broxtowe district and the well-established parish councils will continue as they have in Eastwood and Brinsley.”

The proposed boundary changes may impact hundreds of households, dictating where they say they live and the area they will vote in at general and local elections.

Coun Philip Owen is still concerned about the plans.

He said: “Nuthall, Watnall and Kimberley are historical communities based on well established parish councils.

“An MP covering these areas is unlikely to have any great interest in these communities since the overwhelming components of the constituency will be formed from Nottingham city.

“Nuthall, Kimberley and Watnall have nothing in common with the city of Nottingham. Indeed many residents tell me that they have moved to get away from the city.

"These proposals would destroy what has been in place for more than 100 years.”

Residents can have their say on proposals here up until August 2.