Flooding and 'horrid yellow water' after huge pipe burst causes chaos in Greasley

Jets of water shot into the air and could be seen for miles around as a major pipe burst in Greasley last week.

Monday, 23rd August 2021, 4:35 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd August 2021, 4:35 pm
Water spurted high into the air as the pipe burst. Image captured by Moorgreen resident Anthony Kirby.

The incident in Church Road was first reported on the morning of Friday, August 20, and continued causing chaos for at least 24 hours.

Pictures of the scene showed a high jet of water above the road.

Vehicles were turned away and a number of roads closed due to the amount of water flooding the area, which was described by police as ‘severe’.

Engineers from Severn Trent rapidly responded to the burst.

On the day, a spokesperson said: “The burst has not resulted in any of our customers having their water supplies interrupted and the team are on site looking at the best way to move water around the network to maintain this while we undertake the repair.

“Everyone in the NG15 and NG16 areas should still see water, but if you notice your pressure dip, this is likely to be the cause.

“Our team are on the ground at the site of the burst and are keeping local residents updated.”

Residents took to social media to share photographs and stories about the bizarre incident, with one person describing it as “absolutely mad”.

Another posted: “We didn't take the dog for our usual walk up through Greasley and Moorgreen because he hates water. The brook near us is flooded now too. I feel for anyone who lives on there.”

Many others complained of having discoloured or disrupted water supply due to the incident, even in places as far away as Hucknall.

One resident posted: “We’ve had brown water all day.”

Another said: “No water at all here.”

Someone complained of “horrid yellow” water, and another of “water the colour of tea”.

Severn Trent sent out a mass text to residents in the affected areas to reassure residents about the discolouration.

It read: “It may not look nice but it’s actually usually nothing to worry about.”

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Other local folk have since reported brooks and streams bursting their banks in the area, with concerns things will take a while to settle.

One resident posted: “The knock on effects are as bad as the immediate damage, it seems.”

Visit www.stwater.co.uk for more guidance if you are still having issues.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​