Giltbrook pub manager set to shave off hair to help prevent suicides

Sarah Testa is preparing to shave off her luscious locks to help prevent people from taking their own lives.

Thursday, 27th May 2021, 10:02 am
Pub manager Sarah Testa plans to shave her head for a good cause.

The determined pub manager, who runs the Hayloft in Giltbrook, is set to raise cash by shaving her head at a special event in July.

The money raised will help put fences up on motorway bridges in the area to dissuade suicidal people from jumping off.

Sarah said: ”We're in talks with the council about the idea of putting the fences up.

Sarah has promised to shave off her incredibly long locks.

"Loads of people try and commit suicide round here and so many people have. It's actually quite scary.

"I think it's got worse this year as well because a lot of people have been suffering.

"I'm always hearing of people trying to jump off bridges – it seems to be lot more common here than anywhere else I've lived, it’s really strange.

“We’d ideally like to put high fences up on the bridges along the A610, down to the MFN bridge. All the ones that have got fast-flowing traffic below.”

Sarah hopes the barriers will make people think twice before jumping.

She said: “Sometimes someone decides to jump as a spur of the moment thing.

"But if they've got five minutes to stop and think about it then they might think twice.

"Something as simple as a fence could provide that barrier. Anyone that's jumped off something and survived has said that they've regretted it half way down.

“If I can stop one person jumping off a bridge then that's worth shaving my hair off for.”

The head shave will be part of a fun day event being held at the Hayloft on July 17 this year.

There will also be kids’ entertainment, garden games, a massive raffle and a band in the evening at the free event.

“Everyone is welcome to come down. Hopefully the weather will stay nice and Boris doesn't put us back in lockdown,” Sarah said.

The pub manager has already generated more than £600 for her sponsored head shave and hopes to raise more in the run up to the fun day and at the event.

The special occasion will also celebrate Sarah’s two-year anniversary as manager at the Hayloft.

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