Greasley team encourages new players to have a go at ball hockey

Members of a ball hockey team in Newthorpe are encouraging new players to have a go at the ‘unique and enjoyable’ sport for free.

Friday, 9th July 2021, 11:27 am
The Greasley Bears won the tier two nationals back in 2018.

The Greasley Bears ball hockey team was originally founded in 2010 after a group of friends decided to ‘have a knock around’ and has since competed in many major regional and national tournaments.

The players practice at Greasley Sports and Community Centre on Wednesday evenings and are now looking to introduce new members to the squad.

Bears team captain Curtis Allsopp said the sport often gets confused with field hockey.

He said: “Many people think we mean field hockey but ball hockey is essentially all the same rules as ice hockey, same equipment, same rules, same high intensity, everything.

"However there's no ice so we run on trainers usually in an indoor sports hall like you would do with five-a-side football.

"And instead of using a puck we play with a hard orange ball.”

Curtis said the sport is a cheaper alternative to ice hockey but with all the fun still included.

"It's much easier access to train and play as you can do it on any smooth-floored hall with a bunch of mates for less than five quid an hour,” he added.

"We currently have a solid pack of players, all great mates and with varying levels of skill and experience, and we're always looking to introduce new people to the sport.”

The club is offering a free first session to any newcomers, with no pressure to join permanently.

Curtis said: “They can see if they fancy coming again and if they don't, they've only lost an hour of their time and no doubt a good amount of sweat.

"Hopefully if they like it enough they will join the team and be part of a really unique and enjoyable sport.”

The club is currently training on Wednesday nights between 8pm and 9pm, while Covid restrictions are in place, but usually sessions are from 8pm to 10pm.

To find out more or sign up to have a go at ball hockey, email the team captain via [email protected] or contact the sports centre on 01773 760072.