Help for mum who says Eastwood school 'singled out' son with health problems

A mum who criticised an Eastwood school for ‘singling out’ her son after he was placed on an attendance report card during a health crisis has now been offered extra support.

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 12:33 pm
Hall Park Academy student Morgan Healey, 13, with mum Kayleigh Healey holding his attendance report card.

Kayleigh Healey, whose 13-year-old son Morgan Healey attends Hall Park Academy in the town, said her child was facing something ‘totally out of his control’ and contacted the Advertiser for help.

She said: “My son has been extremely unwell since Christmas – we've attended doctors, A&E and this week we finally had our first appointment with the gastroenterology department at QMC Children's Hospital.

"Morgan has a suspected autoimmune disorder as well as a dairy intolerance.

"When he eats gluten his body attacks his gut, causing extreme sickness fatigue and severe pain. It take his body days to recover.”

The year eight pupil has taken many days off school recently due to his illness.

Mum Kayleigh said: “He usually enjoys school but with his health conditions he has had a lot of time off school.

"We are still figuring out what foods he is able to eat and it’s a big struggle.

"Before my son fell ill, his attendance levels were extremely high. He loves school but then they forced him to be on an attendance report card.

"He felt he was being singled out for being unwell, which is totally out of his control.”

Kayleigh has since been in contact with the school, which has promised to give more support to her son.

She said: “We will now hopefully work together to help him in the future alongside his condition.

"They said that they were unaware of his medical needs and apologised repeatedly. They have also taken him off the report and were really nice in wanting to go forward with a solution to assist him in the future.

“I’m happy we can now move forward and hope Morgan gets the help and support he clearly needs.”

Hall Park Academy has been approached for comment.