How losing weight helped Eastwood mum fight depression and family trauma

Eastwood mum Julie Noble after her weight loss.
Eastwood mum Julie Noble after her weight loss.

A mum from Eastwood has told how slimming regimes have helped her make three miraculous recoveries from depression and family trauma, as well as lose weight.

Julie Noble celebrated her 51st birthday last weekend with a family holiday after reaching her target weight of 10st 10lb.

Eastwood mum Julie Noble before her weight loss.

Eastwood mum Julie Noble before her weight loss.

But the joy of a trip to the Tattershall Lakes Country Park resort in Lincolnshire was in stark contrast to the dark days of 1999, 2012 and 2016.

Twenty years ago, Julie hit the scales at 18st 10lb and wore size-34 clothes after a negative battle with weight-control.

She recalled: “I didn’t feel comfortable in myself at all. I thought I was being stared at all the time, and life was just so unpleasant.”

With the help of Weight Watchers, Julie lost eight stone in preparation for an operation on her varicose veins.

But then she piled on the pounds again, and by 2012, she had joined Slimming World after ballooning to nearly 16st. She said: “I felt so uncomfortable and I was suffering from depression.”

Within 12 months, she had shed 5st before her rollercoaster weight-ride yielded a third lapse three years ago. This time, it was caused by the shock and anguish of her eldest son, Ashley, being diagnosed with bone cancer.

Ashley, now 26, was in the operating theatre for more than 16 hours as he had his pelvis removed. The bottom of his spine was also badly affected, and his recovery is still not complete.

“With all the worry, I put on two-and-a-half stone,” said mother-of-four Julie, who is a supervisor at Peacocks store in Eastwood. “But with the help of Slimming World’s amazing plan, I have lost it.

“It’s all been very emotional. But we’ve got our lives back on track now, and I can enjoy everything again.“

JULIE’S story is now set to inspire other would-be slimmers because she launches her own Slimming World class as a consultant at Plumptre Hall in Eastwood every Friday from 9 am.

Full of praise for her is her mentor, Jeanette Chawner, who says: “Slimming World has changed Julie’s life. Her world collapsed when her son was diagnosed with cancer and she was at his bedside for days. But her eating and health issues are no longer a problem, and she is feeling confident enough to invest in herself and her own business.”