Kimberley author's brand new book brings 'taste of Hollywood' to town

An award-winning Kimberley author is celebrating the success of his brand new book – brimming with adventures set in and around his hometown.

Monday, 4th October 2021, 4:21 pm
Updated Monday, 4th October 2021, 4:21 pm
Kimberley author Tobey Alexander pictured with his new book ‘Iceman’.

Author and screenwriter Tobey Alexander launched his new novel for children and young adults, entitled ‘Iceman’, at the end of last month.

Within a week of release, the book was dubbed the number one new release British horror novel on Amazon in the US.

The story, described by its author as “reminiscent of The Mummy, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider”, follows wounded soldier Stanley Grand as he stumbles across a hidden crypt and is thrust on an adventure filled with robbery, murder and secret societies.

Tobey said the novel brings a “taste of Hollywood” to Kimberley, with many scenes inspired by his hometown.

“The characters visit iconic local locations as they search for puzzles and mysterious items to kill a 5,000-year-old monster,” he said.

“I bring the action to the rural countryside around Beauvale Priory, Hermits Cave and Greasley Church while keeping the story alive.

“The main part of the discovery phase of the story takes place in Kimberley, Greasley and Darley Dale before whisking away to the Alps for the grand finale.

“It really is about bringing high stakes adventure to lesser known places.”

Over the last ten years, the Kimberley resident has published a number of popular books across various genres.

As an autistic adult, Tobey said it has always been his drive to showcase how a “quirky and different perspective can also be a gift”.

And after his son was diagnosed with the same condition, he set about getting his books published and has found increasing success in recent years with his ‘Timothy Scott’ series.

Tobey said: "As a mad dad, it's my job to show my children the value and virtue in imagination.

“The idea behind every story I write is escapism and adventure.”

The ambitious author has also adapted a number of his works into screenplays, a few of which have already received awards.

“I’m hoping one day not only will you read my stories but see them too,” he added.

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