Kimberley carer appeals for help to reach patients after e-bike stolen twice

A Kimberley care worker is struggling to reach patients in time after his e-bike was stolen twice while on shift.

Monday, 29th March 2021, 4:02 pm
Andrew's bike was stolen twice while he was at work.

Andrew Payne, who provides home care and support for vulnerable people in the Kimberley and Nuthall area, purchased an e-bike – costing more than £2,000 – to help him do his rounds.

The 32-year-old relied on the bike as his only mode of transport for getting to patients’ homes.

But within the space of just a few months, his ride was stolen while he spent time caring for others.

Andrew said: “The first time, I thought it was safe under a CCTV camera – but sadly not.”

After police failed to retrieve the bike, Andrew then spent a further £2,000 on a replacement.

But it wasn’t long before second bike was also stolen.

Andrew said: “Clearly lightning does strike in the same place twice.

"This time, I thought an alarmed chain would’ve done the trick.

“And I thought I would be fine as I had cover this time.

"But sadly, my insurance won't pay my claim because of where I had my lock attached.

"So I'm now out of money and having to walk from call to call for hours at a time, often getting to calls late, which is bad for my service users and makes me feel terrible.”

After two thefts and no faith in insurance, Andrew is reluctant to buy another bike.

He said: “I don't feel safe getting another bike, it's been stolen twice and I fear if I got another it would lead to a third theft.

"Besides at £2,000 a pop I can't afford it, so I'd like to get an e-scooter which will hopefully do the same job and I can store it indoors and keep it with me at all my calls while working.”

As Andrew is still paying off the loan for the bike that was stolen and cannot afford another mode of transport, he fears for the patients who rely on his help.

He said: “Multiple elderly, disabled and vulnerable people depend on me.

"Any help would be most appreciated.”

The care worker is hoping to raise around £600 to help him purchase some basic new wheels.

To make a donation and help Andrew raise the funds he needs to help him get to work, visit his fundraising page here.