Kimberley fitness friends all set to brave the shave for cancer


Brave members of a Kimberley fitness group – whose lives have been affected by cancer – are set to donate their hair to charity at a special event.

Lisa Hayman Tansley and five friends will take part in ‘Brave the Shave’ and the ‘Big Chop’ at the event on February 29. 

Lisa, along with her sister Deb Hayman and friend Rachel Marsh, will have a full head-shave. 

Melanie Wright, Christine Rungopadiachy and Isobel Baines, who is just 12 years old, will have their long hair cut at the event, taking place at the Challenge Fitness headquarters in Kimberley. 

The six women will donate the hair to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that provides real hair wigs to children and young people, up to 24 years, who have lost their hair through cancer treatment and other conditions.

Lisa, who is having the full shave, said: “After my dad died last month so we all sat down to think of something we could do. My dad was fighting cancer for six years and he was always adamant that he wanted to keep his hair. So I thought ‘I’m going to lose my hair for him’. Obviously, I would rather have kept my dad than him have kept his hair.”

The six friends have set up a fundraising page so people can sponsor them as they brave the shave.

Lisa added: “It seemed a really good idea at the time but as it’s getting nearer it’s getting a bit daunting. We’re all apprehensive but at the end of the day, it’s hair, and there are people out there losing a lot more than that.

“Nervous, I would say, is the word. I am also a leader with 1st Kimberley Brownies so I will soon be known as ‘Bald Owl’.”