Kimberley pub closed over Covid breaches set to reopen

A Kimberley pub that was forced to close after deliberately flouting Covid-19 rules now looks set to reopen later this month.

Tuesday, 6th July 2021, 10:28 am

The police, council and environmental health teamed up to take swift action to close down the Queen’s Head in Kimberley in November last year after staff repeatedly refused to follow track and trace procedures and allowed social distancing breaches.

Despite many warnings, the licensees continued to flout the strict lockdown rules at the Main Street pub, resulting in number of incidents, including police officers being assaulted and a large fight involving customers.

Complaints were also received about noise, underage drinking and anti-social behaviour and as a result, the pub's premises licence was revoked by Broxtowe Borough Council.

The Queen's Head in Kimberley looks set to reopen on July 21 after being forcibly closed last year.

But now, a sign has now appeared in the window of the Queens Head, stating the pub will reopen its doors again on July 21.

Coun Stewart Bain, of Kimberley Town Council, has confirmed that although the pub could potentially reopen, the premises is still not licensed to sell any alcohol to customers.

He said: “I have been made aware of some concerns around the possible reopening of the venue – there is a sign up in the window of the building stating they will be reopening.

"I can confirm that the venue currently has neither a premises or an alcohol licence.

"This means they could potentially reopen, but would not be able to serve alcohol at all, and could only serve hot food up to 11pm.

"They will still have to conform to any relevant health and safety and hygiene rules.”

The councillor also reassured residents that the pub will be closely monitored moving forward.

"All the relevant authorities, including the police, are aware they intend to open again and they will be monitoring them very closely indeed,” he said.

"Given that they will not be able to sell alcohol, or open late, I very much doubt we will encounter any issues like the ones experienced last time.”

A spokesperson for Broxtowe Borough Council added: "The council is in discussions with the venue about their future plans.”