Kimberley pupils build their own mini replica of town centre

Creative pupils at a Kimberley school celebrated their home town by creating intricate mini models of its shops and landmarks.

Monday, 24th May 2021, 12:14 pm
The pupils made replicas of local businesses.

Children at Kimberley Primary and Nursery School were tasked with ‘building Kimberley in their classroom’ after being inspired by a day trip to the town centre.

The youngsters built the models with their parents at home as part of a school initiative to teach them all about their local community and its history.

Head teacher Lisa Turner-Rowe said: "In the early years, this is about knowing their local area and observing the buildings that are part of the community.

"The children were set the home learning project following a visit to Kimberley town centre and they and their families created different shops so that they could build Kimberley in their classroom.”

The models included mini versions of the church, library, Wilko, Ikea and various other local shops, pubs and cafes.

All of the individual creations were then put together to build a model town for the pupils to have fun with.

Ms Turner-Rowe added: “They've loved playing with it and acting out their own journey and shopping trips.

Charlie shows off his model of Kimberley Church.

"It has helped them with vocabulary, a sense of self and an understanding of community.

"We also link in the work with how we look after each other and the community we live in.

“We always want to ensure that the children understand their own community and its history.”

They put all the individual models together to create a mini Kimberley.
Beatrix with her mini version of Kimberley Library.
Some of the models are extremely intricate.
A pupil with his model of The Dog House pub.
A mini version of Ikea.