Kimberley residents call for action as 'disgraceful' state of garden ‘lets the town down’

Disgruntled residents have called for action to improve the state of a green area close to Kimberley’s iconic war memorial which ‘really lets the town down’.

Thursday, 30th September 2021, 9:25 am
Updated Thursday, 30th September 2021, 9:25 am
Many town folk have complained about the state of the area behind the war memorial in Kimberley.

According to Kimberley Town Council, many complaints have been filed about the garden surrounding the steps up to Sainsbury’s supermarket, which is responsible for the maintenance of the land.

Concerns have also been raised about the state of the handrails, on which the paint is old and chipped.

Kimberley Town Council leader, Coun Trevor Rood, said: “The state of the garden that runs alongside our war memorial in the middle of Kimberley, where people sit everyday, and the handrails leading to the store are a disgrace.

“I have emailed the Sainbury’s head office and the store manager in Kimberley to see if it is possible for them to take a bit of pride in their garden and spend a few pounds out of all the money they must make to improve the appearance.”

Coun Rood said the condition of the garden is proving to be an ongoing issue for the town.

He added: “Over the years, Sainsbury’s has not done any work on this garden area, all the work has been carried out by volunteers. The flowers planted along the boundary wall were all paid for by Kimberley Town Council.”

Fellow councillor Stewart Bain agreed with the council leader and said he is tired of hearing complaints about the ‘scruffy’ area.

He added: “We’ve had no end of complaints about it from residents. It really lets the town down.”

The councillor sent out a tweet to Sainbury’s this week expressing his ‘disgust’ and called on the supermarket giant to take action.

He wrote: “Repeated pleas for you to tidy the garden and repair the steps before Remembrance Day have been ignored. I'm a local councillor and I'm fed up of the complaints. Sort it please!”

In response, Sainsbury’s apologised for the state of the garden and has promised to review the situation.

A spokesperson said: “I'm really sorry about the condition of the Kimberley store's steps and the greenery. I've forwarded concerns to management to be reviewed internally. We hope you'll see improvements to this going forward.”

The store has been approached for further comment.

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