Louis Theroux spotted filming in Kimberley

Documentary maker Louis Theroux has been spotted filming in Kimberley.

Swinging by James Street with a small group and a camera crew on Thursday, May 16, the journalist and presenter was described as "lovely".

Louis Theroux Stacey Syson

Louis Theroux Stacey Syson

Stacey Syson, owner of Whitebeam Photography Studio on James Street, which specialises in family and newborn photography, said: "He was parked across the road from the studio and I asked for a picture.

"He said he was filming, but he'd come back and he did.

"He wasn't allowed to say what he was filming for, but said it would be out later this year.

"He was lovely."

The film-maker, known for his weird and wonderful documentary topics, was tight-lipped on the subject of the filming, but it is believed it will air in Autumn.

His current documentary, which follows mothers facing extreme postpartum mental illness, has been praised by viewers for tackling a taboo subject.

Mothers on the edge aired on BBC 2 on Sunday night, and saw Louis visits specialist psychiatric units which treat mothers experiencing serious mental illness whilst allowing them to live alongside their babies.