Mansfield councillor aims to become Ashfield's MP

Oakham councillor Lee Anderson has been selected by the Ashfield Conservative party to be the Parliamentary Candidate at the next General Election.

Councillor Anderson, a former miner, will challenge Gloria De Piero at the next general election to become Ashfield's MP.

Councillor Lee Anderson

Councillor Lee Anderson

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Coun Anderson is currently Oakham ward's councillor on Mansfield District Council.

A general election is due in 2022 but with Britain getting a new PM, it is thought an election will be called in Autumn.


Coun Anderson was selected yesterday, and said he is 'delighted', and 'deeply humble'.

He added: "If I get elected, I can talk about schools, the hospital that save myself and my wife's life, and the crime and disorder that we have all experienced in Ashfield, and I can talk about it with conviction - it's part of who I am.

"I would like to see the foreign aid budget halved, and the money put into education, the health service, and policing.

"The money could go towards putting more police on the streets of Ashfield and Eastwood.

"As an ex-miner, the mineworkers pensions will be a high priority for me as well.

"There are the things I will fight for.

Coun Anderson believes the next general election will be a 'straight fight' between Labour and Conservatives.

He added: "The Conservatives in Ashfield a large swing at the last election - I'm not expecting an election but I'm ready for one."

Coun Anderson added that Ashfield's current MP, Gloria De Piero, said he would make a 'great MP' last time they spoke.

Coun Anderson – Labour MP Gloria de Piero’s former office manager – defected to the Tory party in 2018.

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