More than 165,000 paper cups to be recycled thanks to new scheme at Giltbrook Retail Park

Catherine Furlong with a coffee cup bin outside Starbucks Giltbrook
Catherine Furlong with a coffee cup bin outside Starbucks Giltbrook

New recycling bins have been installed at Giltbrook Retail Park and it is expected they will recycle more than 165,000 paper cups per year.

There have been 10 coffee cup recycling bins placed at strategic points across the retail and industrial park and all cups collected through The Cup Fund, which was launched in April 2019 by Starbucks and Hubbub, will be recycled within the UK into new products, which will be manufactured locally to reduce transportation.

Many of these recycled products will then go back into the locations where the cups were collected to create a closed loop.

Catherine Furlong, centre manager at Giltbrook, said: “We have been on an incredible journey in the last eight months at Giltbrook Shopping Park.

“We invested in new waste processing equipment at the end of last year and, together with our occupiers and waste management provider, have quadrupled our recycling levels.

“We’re very proud of our achievements and want to take this to the next level and the funding from Hubbub will allow us to do this. We’ll be setting up a new waste stream that allows us to efficiently separate coffee cups and send them off for recycling.

“We will also be introducing new recycling bins across the shopping park so that our shoppers can recycle their waste while visiting us.

“We’re looking forward to getting these two new initiatives going and improving our recycling even further.”