Most petrol stations around Eastwood and Kimberley still have fuel as national crisis continues

As many people continue to panic buy fuel, it is reassuring to know that most local petrol stations don’t appear to be running low on supplies.

Monday, 27th September 2021, 12:43 pm
Sainsbury's petrol station in Kimberley.

According to speculation from residents across the Eastwood and Kimberley area, most nearby petrol stations – although busier than usual – are still able to supply petrol despite the high demands.

As of this morning (Monday, September 27), residents have reported no issues filling up their cars at Sainsbury’s petrol station in Kimberley or at Morrisons in Eastwood.

In a post on the Giltbrook Gossip Facebook page, residents discussed the issue.

One user posted about Sainsbury’s in Kimberley, which reportedly had a fresh delivery of petrol yesterday afternoon: “There was a queue when I had got mine at 7am but it was moving quickly.”

Another said: “I went to Morrisons this morning, no problems there at all. I went straight to a pump at 6.50am.”

Tesco in Ilkeston has also been described as ‘pretty quiet’, with no issues regarding petrol supply.

Residents of Langley Mill have reported that Asda has now placed a £30 limit on customers to stop them filling up with unnecessary amounts.

The Esso garage in Langley Mill also has a £30 limit on fuel.

However, although petrol seems to be easily accessible, some have described a bit of a challenge in finding diesel.

One user posted: “Most of the garages we’ve been to had petrol but diesel is either low or gone.”

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Using the army won’t solve fuel crisis, warns industry body

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now thought to be considering using army troops to drive fuel tankers in order to address driver shortages, which are causing supply issues.

The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) has urged drivers to stop buying more fuel than they need.

Chairman Brian Madderson said: “If people start buying in their normal quantities, £20 worth, 20 litres to fill up every week, we could see by the end of this week some return to normality – it won’t be perfect, but some return.”