Posties thanked for delivering joy around Eastwood and Kimberley during pandemic

Postmen and women have been thanked for spreading much-needed cheer around Eastwood and Kimberley by donning fancy dress on their rounds throughout the pandemic.

Wednesday, 7th July 2021, 3:11 pm

Staff from the Royal Mail Delivery Office in Eastwood which oversees postal services right across the Advertiser district, were on a mission to make people smile as lockdowns and restrictions turned lives upside down last year.

The local posties pledged to turn up to work dressed in a costume of their choice every Friday in exchange for donations to Eastwood Food Bank, and in turn delighted members of the public while delivering their letters.

Postman Duncan Brown said: "People were really down at the time and it brought smiles to their faces. Kids couldn’t wait for Fridays.”

Postman Duncan Brown delivering post in one of his wacky costumes.

More recently, staff have been doing their rounds wearing England shirts on match days in support of the Euros.

Duncan said: "Every time England has played we’ve worn a football shirt and brought in a donation for the food bank.

"We all have a look in our cupboards and see what we’ve got spare or pop down the shop and get a few bits. They really need the stuff, as there are more people than ever using the food bank.

“We’re going to try and keep it going after the Euros and keep doing a weekly donation. There are 70 or 80 staff here so if most people bring something, it all adds up.”

Duncan dressed as Mickey Mouse while doing his rounds.

Resident Aimee Smithurst said the Royal Mail staff should be recognised for their efforts to cheer people up.

She said: “They have done lots to make people smile through the pandemic. Kids loved seeing them when they couldn’t get out or go to school.

"They deserve recognition for everything they have been doing throughout these times. They do so much beyond just posting letters.”

Postman Duncan dressed as a lion this week in honour of the Euros.