Residents urged to park more carefully after bin lorry gets stuck in Kimberley

Residents of a street in Kimberley have been urged to take more care when parking to ensure bin lorries can also use the road.

Friday, 21st May 2021, 11:04 am

Broxtowe Borough Council issued a polite notice to residents of Noel Street after the refuse team wasn’t able to complete its job and empty the bins this week.

The council said: “Unfortunately our refuse team hasn't been able to empty the bins on Noel Street, Kimberley today (May 20).

"Due to the extremely tight squeeze our vehicle couldn't get down.

The refuse lorry couldn't get past parked cars on Noel Street.

"We understand it's difficult to park on already narrow streets, but where possible please try and avoid parking over the white lines, so our vehicle can get down and to keep your vehicle safe.”