Safety fears as pedestrian crossing bid rejected in Kimberley

A Kimberley councillor fears for the safety of residents after calls for a new pedestrian crossing were rejected again.

Thursday, 25th March 2021, 10:46 am
Councillor Richard Robinson at Nine Corners.

Coun Richard Robinson, of Broxtowe Borough Council, has been inundated with complaints and concerns about the lack of safe crossing at Nine Corners, where the bottom of Hardy Street meets Main Street, for almost ten years.

Now, with fresh complaints being made, he said the problem is worse due to more housing being built in the area and is adamant that something must be done to make the road safer.

He said: “Now there is a big development on the old Kimberley Brewery site, there are even more people living there.

“And as from April 12, people are going to be out more and more and they all want a safe space to cross.

“People have contacted me recently completely out of the blue, asking what's happening with it – there are loads of local people who feel it is unsafe at the moment.”

The road is a blind corner, with traffic coming at a very high speed around the bend.

Residents have previously complained that crossing the road is like ‘taking your life into your own hands’.

Nottinghamshire County Council rejected the original proposal for a crossing made back in 2018 but agreed to revisit the idea last month.

However, the authority was quick to respond with yet another rejection.

Coun Robinson said: “They say we have to wait until there are so many accidents but we don't want to wait, we want to look ahead and make it safer for people to cross now.”

The county council rejected the bid on grounds that the site doesn’t ‘meet current guidelines for the installation of a crossing’.

But the councillor is now urging the authority to look at alternative ideas or locations.

He said: “If they're going to turn down a zebra crossing in one area saying it’s too dangerous there, then what might they consider instead further up?

“If there was something in the area to slow traffic down and help people to cross then it would just be a win-win all round.

“We don’t think it’s too much to ask really for serious consideration.”

Gary Wood, Head of Highways and Transport at Nottinghamshire County Council, said: “Ensuring safety on Nottinghamshire’s roads for both motorists and pedestrians remains a high priority for the county council and we carefully consider all requests for new highways measures.

“Nine Corners in Kimberley is located close to an ‘s’ bend in the road, as well as a number of junctions. There is a bus layby in the area and an access point for a local business.

“Due to these factors, a pedestrian crossing at this location would not be safe as visibility would be restricted for drivers approaching from both directions, preventing them from seeing pedestrians waiting to cross the road.”