Selston councillor says potholes are 'massive concern' as new panel pledges to fix roads

A local councillor is fighting to see road repairs in Jacksdale, Selston and Underwood as a new committee pledges to fix potholes once and for all.

Thursday, 29th July 2021, 3:06 pm

Councillor David Martin (Ashfield Independent), who represents Selston, said the state of broken roads is a concern for all residents and highlighted the issue at the latest full Nottinghamshire County Council meeting.

It comes as the authority has set up a new cross-party highways panel to review the state of Nottinghamshire’s roads and pavements – with the county having some of the most potholed roads in the whole country.

Coun Martin said he has identified a list of ‘priority roads’ that need fixing in the Selston area.

Nottinghamshire has some of the most potholed roads in the country. Inset: Councillor David Martin.

He said: “The state of our broken roads and pavements is still a massive concern for all residents.

“I will be shortly providing a dossier to the council of priority roads that need sorting in Jacksdale, Selston, New Selston and Underwood."

Figures between 2017 and 2019 showed more than 250,000 potholes were reported to the council, higher than any other area nationally.

An outside consultant will soon be brought in to help the council work out how best to repair the county’s broken roads, and the authority has also asked the Local Government Association to help it do more to mend them.

At the meeting, Selston’s Coun Martin called for a different approach to road maintenance and for new technologies to be explored.

Councillor Neil Clarke, chairman of the new highways panel, responded by telling the full council: “At this stage, it is more of fact-finding and information-gathering.

“But then we will gradually move into seeing what actions can actually be taken. We have agreed we will be having an outside consultancy, WSP, who will be assisting us.

“We have asked the Local Government Association to help us with a peer review, helping us to look in the mirror at how we perform. We will also be arranging to meet other county councils, to assess and compare how they do things.

“We will be looking and exploring at the latest technology, information and different ways of working, on the basis that all options are open at the moment.

“We want this to be a thorough and comprehensive review and to make sure the way we maintain roads is the most effective way.”