Teen drinkers causing 'mayhem' for residents in Greasley

A Greasley resident has expressed anger at constant littering, smashed glass and anti-social behaviour in his local park during lockdown.

Thursday, 1st April 2021, 11:00 am
Mess is left outside Greasley Sports and Community Centre and all over the recreation ground.

Paul Smith, who has lived near to Beauvale Park Recreation Ground for more than 35 years, said the ‘usually quiet’ area had deteriorated after dozens of youths began gathering at weekends and causing ‘mayhem’.

He said: “People take their children and grandchildren to play on the park, people play football there or just go for a leisurely walk, but now, every Friday and Saturday evening, mayhem takes place.”

Paul, who regularly walks his dog in the park, said the trouble has been going on for at least three months but has intensified recently, with more and more young people gathering every weekend.

The resident is concerned that smashed glass left behind by the youths may pose a danger to walkers.

He said: “Underage young people gather at the top end of the park drinking alcohol.

“Next morning, there is always a large collection of empty and smashed bottles with sharp pieces of glass everywhere, including in the grass – a real danger to children and dogs.

“It’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured.”

The situation is so bad, Paul said, that residents who live in the area are now taking it upon themselves to clear up the mess.

“Everyone comes out with their dust pan and brush to do what they can. But it shouldn’t be their job.”

Paul has called the recreation ground ‘intimidating’ and ‘dirty’ and even claims to have seen people urinating during the drinking sessions.

He said: “As the situation deteriorates, they have taken to openly urinating – up trees and even in front of the school gate.”

Allan Bone, manager at Greasley Sports and Community Centre, spoke on behalf of Greasley Parish Council, which maintains the ground.

He said: “We’re saddened by what is happening. It’s not other people’s job to clear up, it’s our land and we want to do the best we can – we are definitely dealing with it.

“It’s a lovely park and the last thing we want is for anyone to get injured.

“We’ve also been in touch with the police and they have now agreed to make focused patrols whenever possible and crack down on this.”