The loss of the Yourbus service in Eastwood has been ‘devastating’

Yourbus has ceased trading
Yourbus has ceased trading

The loss of a bus service has been ‘devastating’ for the people of Eastwood.

On October 4, the bus company, Yourbus, announced it had ceased trading.

Yourbus offered routes in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire including the Y10 service for Eastwood and two routes in Ilkeston.

The company confirmed the news in a statement which said: “It is with regret to inform our passengers that unfortunately Yourbus has ceased trading as of October 4, 2019.

“We would like to thank our customers for their support and custom over the years.”

An Eastwood town councillor says the loss of the Y10 service has been devastating to the older and younger generation who relied on the service to get to school.

Yourbus was used to transport children to five schools including Kimberley School.

Coun Marie Hannah says the bus service was a ‘lifeline’ and is calling for action to be taken to bring a bus service back to the town centre.

Coun Hannah said: “Good transport links bring clear benefits to Eastwood businesses and the folk who live here.

“On Monday, October 14, while attending Eastwood Town Council I was dismayed to hear how devastating the loss of this service is to Eastwood’s older generations and our young people travelling to school.

“We can’t afford to have a transport system that doesn’t put the passenger first.

“The communication around the loss of this service has been sadly lacking for the people of Eastwood and must be addressed.

“As a town councillor and borough councillor I felt moved to act on behalf of the folk of Eastwood by adding my voice to theirs. This bus was a lifeline to many who find it difficult getting into Eastwood town centre.

“Members of the public have done a grand job in putting this petition together and presenting it to the town councillors with 200 plus signatures.

“Councillor Milan Radulovich met with the city council and has passed the petition on and added his voice to the matter expressing his concerns over how devastating this loss is.

“I heard how difficult it is for many people to walk into town due their health, often breathless and tired and now isolated from the great community that is Eastwood and felt moved to act on their behalf.

“This bus was a lifeline to many who find it difficult to get into Eastwood town centre to shop and socialise as I have heard from the good folk of Eastwood.

“This is of great concern to me as we see yet another piece of our social infrastructure disappears.

“Infrastructure when it works is invisible, but when it crumbles it presents us with dangerous compromises like expensive taxis, the inability to shop, loss of business and contact with our friends.

“I want to see Eastwood develop and grow not be isolated and a ghost town, we deserve more than this.

“We can encourage businesses but what’s the point without the people.”
Nottinghamshire County Councillor Tony Harper said: “We have been working with a range of local operators following the collapse of Yourbus to see if there are any routes or services which they could pick up commercially.

“Unfortunately there has been little appetite from them for the majority of routes and areas covered by the Y10 do not fit with their commercial plans.

“We have also been working with the county council Fleet Service to see how they could adjust the current routes of the 523/533 operating in the area.

“We hope to have a draft option early next week which will help the areas previously covered by the Y10 but which may result in a slight drop in service in other areas currently covered by them.

“I hope a decision can be made as to whether these meet local requirements.”