Victorian shopfronts and 3D holograms among ideas for how £20million should be spent in Kimberley

Residents of Kimberley have been asked for their views on suggested plans for investing £20million in the town – including Victorian shopfronts and 3D illuminations.

Friday, 16th July 2021, 11:38 am

Kimberley Town Council has launched a new survey after being asked to help submit proposals to apply for a Government Levelling Up grant of up to £20million.

A leaflet detailing all of the information has been sent out to every house in the town, asking for residents’ opinions on how the money should best be spent, with a number of proposals to consider.

Councillor Stewart Bain, of Kimberley Town Council, said: “Although this programme sounds too good to be true, the funding is really available.

What changes would you like to see in the town?
What changes would you like to see in the town?

“But we have to make a justifable proposal for Kimberley to get it and it will help if it has the backing of the people of Kimberley.”

The town council has come up with its own ideas on how the money could be spent, including creating a central eco-park where the cricket ground is, developing the roads and creating safe cycle routes, and revamping the town centre in a Victorian style.

The proposal reads: “New Victorian shop fronts, with out-hanging signs and lanterns in unified but varied colour, and design window surrounds, would create a charming shopping place to visit.”

There is also a suggestion of buying state-of-the-art hologram illuminations for seasonal events to attract more visitors.

Coun Bain added: “We also want to know what you would like to see the funding spent on, if we succeed in getting it.

"Bear in mind that for the bid to be successful, it must be spent within three years, and on capital projects which must be viable, improve the economic success of Kimberley, and benefit the welfare of residents and businesses alike.

"The projects must produce a return on investment benefitting the prosperity of all.”

Residents are invited to share their views on the proposals online or by filling in the survey that comes through their letterbox.

"The more people who reply to the survey, the better our chance is of getting a share of the funding,” coun Bain added.

Take part in the survey here.