Year of restrictions has had 'enormous' impact on elderly people in Eastwood

One year on, members of the community in Eastwood have reflected on the devastating impact of the pandemic on all residents – especially the elderly.

Wednesday, 24th March 2021, 2:36 pm
The PICS Enhanced Health in Care Home Service helped roll out jabs for care home residents in Eastwood and Kimberley.

Ongoing effects from Covid deaths, business closures and lockdown loneliness are being felt deeply within the community.

And the true impact of the knock-on effect of the pandemic will still be seen in the coming weeks and months.

Josie Marsters, of Eastwood Age Concern, said the lockdown has had a profound effect on elderly people within the community.

She said: “The pandemic has hit our isolated elderly so hard, I feel.

“A lot of our members live alone without family nearby.

“Attending our centre and the service we provide for some of our members, especially those with early stage dementia, has given them stimulation and socialisation to help preserve their independence.

“But sadly, due to continual isolation during lockdown, the impact has meant some have had to go into nursing homes.

“The pressures and stress on their close families has been enormous.”

Eastwood Age Concern has continued its work as best as possible under the circumstances to help provide comfort and reassurance for the elderly.

Josie said: "We have phoned our members on a weekly basis and called when possible, outside of lockdown.

"I can say from my perspective that it has been hard and soul destroying hearing their response and feeling powerless to help their plight.

"We simply can’t wait to reopen and meet and greet our members again and provide them with warmth and love they so deserve.”

After an extremely difficult year, the vaccine rollout is now providing a glimmer of hope for a life not bound by restrictions.

The PICS Enhanced Health in Care Home Service were quick on the scene to help roll out jabs for care home residents in Eastwood and Kimberley back in January.

And NHS data now shows 47,705 people in Broxtowe have received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine.