Photo contest winner crowned

Winners of the 'Tiser's Life Thru the Lens comp will receive their prizes at Specsavers, Ilkeston. Pictured are the Eastwood finalists.
Winners of the 'Tiser's Life Thru the Lens comp will receive their prizes at Specsavers, Ilkeston. Pictured are the Eastwood finalists.

After a lengthy judging process and hundreds of entries, it is finally time for the ‘Tiser to unveil the winner of our first ever Life Thru The Lens competition, sponsored by Specsavers, of Ilkeston.

Ten finalists were invited to attend the reception ready to hear the name of the photographer behind the winning image.

After much deliberation and some tough choices, the judges made their decision.

And the winner is Alison Loydall, of Windsor Road, Selston. The 44-year-old community organiser snapped her eyecatching shot near Moorgreen Reservoir.

She said: “It was a Sunday morning and unusually my boys didn’t have football so I went for a walk with my camera.

“It was really misty but you could tell it was going to clear.

“I’m a keen photographer and always have my camera with me, I was really pleased with how this photo turned out.”

Alison was handed her prize, a top of the range digital SLR camera, by Krishna Parmar, manager of Ilkeston’s Specsavers store on Bath Street.

Receiving her award, she said: “I was shocked when they called my name out, especially because the other entries were really good.

“It must have been a tough decision to make.

“I can’t wait to have a proper look at this camera, it’s amazing, I’ll definitely be making use of it.”

Advertiser editor Martin Hutton said: “With fantastic support from Specsavers, this is the first time we have staged this competition and the response from members of the public has been brilliant.

“The quality of some of the photographs has been outstanding and we took great pride in showcasing some of those photos in the paper and in video slideshows on our websites.

“Coming up with finalists was hard enough so it was even tougher to choose just one winner to take the honour.

“A massive congratulations to Alison on a great photograph and a big thank you has to be said to everyone who took the time to enter.”

Krishna Parmar said: “I am delighted with how the competition has run and the partnership with the ‘Tiser. We will definitely be running the competition again.”

As well as Mr Bramley, the other finalists were: Alison Davidson, of Whitby Road, Newthorpe; David Banner, of Nottingham Road, Eastwood, Anna Pounder, of Coach Drive, Eastwood; Jessica Paxton, of Philip Avenue, Nuthall, Jeff Smith, of Dorchester Road, Kimberley; Malcolm Leivers, of Alfreton Road, Underwood; John Smith, of Swindon Close, Giltbrook; Sandra Bailey, of Moorfields Avenue, Eastwood; and Kristi Conway, of Wetherby Close, Kimberley.