Photographers share their work with snappers on the other side of the world

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Eastwood Photographic Society has entered into a competition with a group sharing its name – on the other side of the world.

The society has partnered up with Ryde Eastwood Leagues Camera Club, based in Australia – coincidently also run by a chairman called Mr Lowe.

The competition was the brainchild of Marie and Ian Johnson, members of the Eastwood Photographic Society, who live in Hucknall.

Mrs Johnson said: “I wanted to do something different.

”I was looking for clubs with the same name as us and I thought it seemed perfect. Our group president is Reg Lowe so I couldn’t believe it when they said it was run by someone called Murry Lowe!”

It is the first competition members have entered outside of the UK, and group secretary Kieran Lee said it was an ‘exciting time’.

“We have internal competitions and we enter into regional ones, but this is the first time we have done any sort of international competition,” he said.

“There’s something really exciting about sharing your work with people on the other side of the world and getting constructive criticism back,” added Mr Lee.

Each group submitted 30 photos each, which will be judged both here and over in Australia.

Points will be added up, with several winners chosen, including the overall club winner.

Last week Nottinghamshire professional photographer, Michael Lau judged the 60 entries on this side of the globe.

Mr Lee said: “After the recent Ashes debacle, we are hoping that we can do a bit better than our cricketers and that the honours will be heading our way. However, aside from the competitive nature of the event, it is exciting that we can share and exchange our work with fellow photographers on the other side the world and we hope the relationship will develop and flourish.”

look at holding further competitions with other countries across the world.”

Eastwood Photographic Society has 50 members, who meet at the town’s Conservative Club.

Members, who entered either one or two photos into the competition, are now looking at holding similar events with other countries around the world.

Ryde Eastwood Leagues Camera Club want to partner up for another competition next year.

There is also an Eastwood Photographic Society based in Glasgow, which the local club has exchanged pictures with in the past.