Pioneering work experience exchange for twin towns

DOUBLE TEAM: Lucas Weimann (left) pictured with Scott Standen
DOUBLE TEAM: Lucas Weimann (left) pictured with Scott Standen

Two teenagers have taken part in a pioneering work experience exchange trip between the twin towns of Kimberley and Gutersloh in Germany.

Broxtowe Borough Council and its German counterpart paved the way for the project.

Sue Standen welcomed German youngster Lucas Weimann into her home in Kimberley, having already sent her son Scott to do do similar work experience in Gütersloh.

At Broxtowe Borough Council, Lucas worked in the events department.

Arts and events manager Alex Khan said he was an asset to the team.

“He worked on an event called Party in the Park, two play days in Kimberley and Stapleford, and played Olaf in two performances of ‘Frozen’ for young children,” he added.

Mrs Standen said it was a pleasure to host the 16-year-old exchange worker.

“I don’t speak any German but he spoke beautiful English all week,” she said.

“The Weimanns welcomed Scott with open arms so it was nice to do the same for Lucas.

“It’s lovely to do something real with your twin town - it makes them more than just a name on the sign,” she added.

Scott, 18, has just finished A-levels at Kimberley School and is about to study German as part of his degree at Bristol University. He spent two weeks in Gütersloh working with schoolchildren on science activities and a martial arts and dancing experience.

“Obviously it was good practice for my degree and I picked up a lot,” said Scott.

“My German is still far from perfect though.”