Plans for new “micro bar” in Eastwood given the green light

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A national craze is spreading further into Eastwood with a new “micro bar” set to open in the town.

Planning permission has been granted and building work is now set to commence on the Pick and Davy micro bar, on 237A Nottingham Road, which is expanding onto the back of the Bathroom Corner Hilltop showroom.

In the planning application to Broxtowe Borough Council, the local planning authority, Reece Clark, the applicant and site owner, describes the new business venture as a “niche social establishment”, where people can get together and enjoy a different kind of drinking environment.

He said: “We will be selling traditional and local ales brewed in the area, and we want it to be an atmosphere for people who like to try new drinks and enjoy the atmosphere.

“This is something I have wanted to do for five years or so, and when micro bars started gaining popularity I decided it was the right time to take that leap.

“Our aim is to gain popularity and make Eastwood an area people want to visit for a night out, and to put the area on the map.

No date has been set for when the new micro bar will open its doors, but this is expected to be at the end of September.

Building work will start in the next week following the planning approval.

Terms of the application state the micro bar can only open daily between 11am and 10pm, although the se hours can be extended for special events with prior notice to the council.

“Amplified speech and loud music” will not be allowed in the area outside the new bar, with the aim to protect the interests of residents in the area and on Nottingham Road.

Construction on the old showroom involves turning the former garage section into toilets for customers, as well as improvements to the surrounding pavement and car parking.

Construction work is limited to the hours of 8am-6pm during the week, and 8am to 1pm on Saturdays, to limit noise pollution in the town.

The new bar will join other micro bars, such as Tap & Growler and Mellors Mews, in establishing the national popularity of micro-style establishments in Eastwood.