PM supports tram line for Kimberley

UK PM Visits areas affected by pot holes.
UK PM Visits areas affected by pot holes.

The Prime Minister has backed proposals for the Nottingham tram network to be extended to Kimberley, Eastwood and Giltbrook.

During a visit to the town, David Cameron also spoke to people about money being invested to repair potholes, was shown the poor surface on Victoria Street and spoke to the Advertiser.

Mr Cameron, who was accompanied by Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry, said: “I support the tram and think it is important we have the right transport levels to get people to work.

“This particular extension is something to look at a bit more in the future.”

A proposed tram route has already been drawn up and would see the tram lines go from Phoenix Park to Kimberley, following the route of old railway tracks.

Mr Cameron also spoke about proposals to build 600 houses in Kimberley in coming years. He said: “What we are putting in place is a more robust planning structure so there will be more power for local people to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to particular developments. I think it is important to encourage building on brownfield sites before greenfield sites are considered.”

The PM also met staff at Rumbletums cafe on Victoria Street in Kimberley.

He asked them what the best thing on the menu was and joked that he had a copy of The Hairy Bikers’ cook book.

The visit tied in with an announcement that £3 million would be invested in repairing the county’s problem potholes. He chatted to community activists on the subject.

He said: “A lot of people in Kimberley told me they have to make a long journey to work and are having to repair their motorbikes and wheels because of potholes.

“Pothole investment is important and 52,000 will be repaired in the county.”