Police called to building site in Underwood

Police called to building site
Police called to building site

The police were called to a building site in Underwood on Monday, after an incident involving Jack Moody Holdings PLC and Selston Parish Council turned ‘physical’.

The incident occurred after members of the Selston Parish Council were unhappy with the workmanship of Jack Moody, who are currently building a children’s playground on Friezland Recreation Ground.

After raising concerns with the on-site workers about equipment installation ‘not being done to the manufacturers specification’, it was said to have turned physical between the parties.

Robert Sears-Piccavey, chairman of the Selston Parish Council, said: “We’re not happy with the health and safety of the site, as it’s not fenced off properly.

“The equipment is not being installed to the manufactures specification.

“We arrived at site, and were asked to put all the right clothing on, which we did, and then we raised our concerns and the workers turned physical on us.

“One of us was pushed to the ground, and another was wrestling.

The police were called and they brought some order.

“We will be meeting with them and the architects to conclude this matter.”

Gordon Griffiths, director of Jack Moody Holdings PLC, has accused the parish council of ‘forcing their way on to their site.’

He told the Chad, “A mob of councillors turned up, and forced their way on to our site, without being granted permission.

“They turned very abusive towards our workers, and claimed that it’s their land and they can do what they want with it.

“They blatantly refused to leave the site when asked, and it’s not on.”

The playground is an £80,000 project, which will include climbing equipment, swings and a tunnel.