Police hunt for Kimberley flasher

NEAABE111005d2, Fixton park, Kimberley.
NEAABE111005d2, Fixton park, Kimberley.
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POLICE are hunting a flasher who exposed himself to a 13-year-old girl last week.

Teachers at The Kimberley School sent texts out to every parent after the girl saw the man in hedges at Flixton Park as she walked home from school.

Rachel Kelvey’s son and daughter both go to the school. She said: “It is concerning.

“Luckily mine have a school bus picking them up so I know that they’re not going to be walking about thank goodness. But it isn’t good for the kids who have to walk.”

The teenager went home and told her parents who contacted police.

Officers carried out a full search of the area, but did not find anyone.

Headteacher Chris Teal said: “We are very concerned about it. It’s not what anybody wants happening in their neighbourhood, particularly not in a neighbourhood with a school. But we are here to offer any help we can.”

It is the second time teachers at the school have sent a global text out to parents warning them about a flasher in the area.

The other incident was earlier this year, but Kimberley police officer Paul Toon said it was difficult to say if the two incidents were linked.

“Descriptions have been very vague and it’s hard to know whether they match up,” he said.

“It’s unlikely being as the first incident was a while ago.

“I am looking into this latest incident, trying to locate the offender and trying to take it further.”

Deputy headteacher at the school Shan Andrews said: “We have got a system called ‘keep kids safe’ and when we are alerted to anything of that nature we send a text out to parents. At the end of the school day we are out there watching the kids go off home and senior staff are always patrolling the school, but after an incident like this we are looking around and keeping a closer eye out.”

Schools in the borough also have systems where they share information about suspicious incidents.

Flixton Park is at the back of Flixton Drive just a short walk away from Kimberley School.

The man was stood in hedges in the trackway leading up to the park when he exposed himself to the girl.

If anybody has any information they should call Nottinghamshire Police on 0300 300 9999 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.