Police use new powers to tackle yobbish behaviour in Eastwood park

Coronation Park in Eastwood.
Coronation Park in Eastwood.

Police are using new powers in a bid to tackle high levels of yobbish behaviour in the Coronation Park area of Eastwood.

A dispersal order came into force this week, giving officers powers to ban people who are believed to be engaging in anti-social behaviour in Coronation Park from returning to the area for up to 48 hours.

Nottinghamshire Police said the order has been implemented in response to an increasing number of reports of yobbish conduct.

Much of the behaviour appears to be centred on the new skate park which is still under construction.

On more than one occasion, youths have forced their way through the fencing to gain access to the skate park and, in one instance, damage was caused to the machinery being used to build the skate park.

On another occasion Nottinghamshire Police received a report of a group of up to 30 youths throwing objects on to the bowling green while a game was in progress and trying to gain entry to the pavilion.

Broxtowe borough district commander Inspector Steve Wragg said: "We are seeing an increasing amount of unacceptable behaviour in the park which is making life extremely stressful for people who use it and live nearby.

"We are increasing patrols in the area and working on identifying those responsible for these incidents. The dispersal order will work alongside these measures to help give us greater powers to prevent offending when large numbers of young people congregate in this area.

"The order will not impact on the vast majority of people who seek to use the park peacefully, to enjoy the pleasant open spaces. The powers within the order will only be used to halt the actions of those out to cause trouble.

"I would also like to take this opportunity to warn those responsible for breaking their way into the skate park site - and their parents - of the dangerous situation they are putting themselves in. The site is still under construction and is not safe to be accessed. There is heavy machinery there and anyone who forces their way in is putting themselves at serious risk of harm."

Insp Wragg urged anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour or has any information about those responsible to call police on 101.