Boundary shake-up could change life for thousands of Kimberley residents

Proposed new electoral boundaries could alter the political landscape around Eastwood and Kimberley, seeing some residents end up with a new MP.

Wednesday, 9th June 2021, 12:20 pm
Broxtowe MP Darren Henry pictured in Kimberley.

The reforms proposed by the Boundaries Commission would see one additional constituency created in the East Midlands, while some will be reduced or increased in size and some renamed.

As a result, Kimberley would merge with Nottingham North, from Broxtowe, creating the new constituency of Nottingham North and Kimberley.

This means Broxtowe would lose Kimberley, Nuthall and Watnall, but it would gain Eastwood from Ashfield.

The changes would affect where hundreds of people say they live - and what Parliament seat they vote for.

Broxtowe is currently Conservative, so the change could mean for a key local political battle at the next election.

The area’s current MP Darren Henry said: “There will be a long consultation on the proposed changes, ensuring that local voices are heard.

"I intend to be fully involved at each stage of the consultation process."

The Boundary Commission for England is the independent organisation responsible for reviewing Parliamentary constituency boundaries in England.

In law, every constituency the commission proposes must contain between 69,724 and 77,062 Parliamentary electors.

A consultation has now been launched to gauge public feeling on the plans before the current review will conclude with a formal report and recommendations in June 2023.

A spokesman for the Boundary Commission for England said: “As far as possible, we try to have regard to local ties, geographic factors, local government boundaries, existing constituencies, and minimising disruption caused by proposed change.

"We use local government wards as the building blocks for proposed constituencies, but will consider splitting a ward where there is a strong case for doing so."

You can view the boundaries on the interactive map and make a comment on the proposals here.

If you wish your views to be considered, ensure they are received by the commission no later than the closing date of August 2.