Jeremy Corbyn visits Broxtowe borough

Jeremy Corbyn in Broxtowe
Jeremy Corbyn in Broxtowe

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader has visited Broxtowe in an effort to unseat its current MP Anna Soubry.

Mr Corbyn joined Greg Marshall Labour’s parliamentary candidate for Broxtowe at the event in the constituency.

Speaking after the event, Mr Corbyn said: “Today we’ve seen all different parts of the community coming together.

“We’ve discussed the campaigns that they can begin right now to make life better for people like them, and they’ve told me how they are organising - together - for a better Broxtowe, a better world.

“We’ve got to campaign for that together - whether you’re using a food bank, you’re struggling to pay off your mortgage, you’re worried about covering the costs of your heating, or your landlord or your employer isn’t treating you fairly.

“We mustn’t let ourselves be divided. It doesn’t matter whether you voted leave or remain.

“Today I saw people from all walks of life in Broxtowe come together to strive for a future that works for the many not the few.”

Hundreds of Broxtowe residents attended - a third of which were not members of the Labour party.

Ideas were also brainstormed for future Labour policies.

One student Mikey Millar, who attended the event said: “I had a great time today. The whole crowd was so excited, Jeremy and Greg made us feel really hopeful for Broxtowe.

“Me and some other students who were there talked about the problems we all face - like terrible landlords who take a full winter to replace boilers - and we suggested that we could start a campaign on housing and rogue landlords.

“We’re really excited to get started.”

Mr Marshall Labour’s candidate for Broxtowe said: “There’s been so much inspiration.

“At least a third of the people here aren’t even Labour members but they want to get involved - and that’s incredibly exciting.

“We’ve heard from people of all ages and backgrounds about how the problems they face and the solutions they believe in.

“Whichever community they’re from, today parents, teachers, pensioners, students and workers have joined together to create the best policies for a Labour government - and build campaigns that will make life in Broxtowe even better, now.”