Who is standing for election in Greasley and Brinsley?

Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 4.
Voters will go to the polls on Thursday, May 4.

It may have been overshadowed by the calling of a General Election in June, but voters will go to the polls before that to elect local councillors.

All seats at Nottinghamshire County Council are up for election on Thursday, May 4.

Bethan Hewis, Green.

Bethan Hewis, Green.

The council is currently made of 67 councillors, across 54 divisions.

Although officially under No Overall Control, it is led by the Labour Party, who hold 32 seats, ahead of the Tories with 21. There are also five Liberal Democrat councillors, four Ashfield Independents and two Mansfield Independent Forum members and three Independents.

After the election, 66 councillors will represent 55 divisions.

Voters in Greasley and Brinsley division will elect one councillor to represent them. We asked the candidates all to submit some details about themselves in the run up to voters going to the polls.

Tracey Cahill (UKIP)

John Handley (Con)

Bethan Hewis (Grn)

Brinsley has been my home for eight years and I have been an active member of the Green Party for 15 years. I work in the borough as a freelance fashion designer and I am founder and trustee of a local animal rescue charity. I have actively campaigned on many local issues from supporting renewable energy schemes to encouraging better nutrition and healthier lifestyles for our communities. I am backing the Green Party’s local five-point pledge: Encouraging local green spaces; Supporting decent social care; Fighting for cleaner air; Boosting affordable housing; and upporting immediate action on climate change. I am standing for the Green Party so that voters will have the chance to vote for an alternative to the main political parties that consistently let us down.

David Patrick (Lab)


Con – The Conservative Party;

Grn – The Green Party;

Lab – The Labour Party;

UKIP – UK Independence Party.