Pollution fear over broken sewer pipe

Gordon Barksby at the site in Main Street, Kimberley.
Gordon Barksby at the site in Main Street, Kimberley.

A Kimberley man who claims foul-smelling sewage was leaking from a broken pipe for months says he still has concerns over pollution despite it now being fully repaired.

Gordon Barksby alerted the Advertiser to the issue on Main Street this week.

He claimed that problems had been ongoing since September last year and that the situation had been reported to Severn Trent Water with several locals also complaining.

He said: “I walk along the route regularly and not only did it smell but you even saw used toilet paper being washed up sometimes. It was disgusting.”

The Advertiser learned before going to press that repairs were completed by a contractor on behalf of Severn Trent on Wednesday.

However, Mr Barksby, of Eastwood Road, Kimberley, says he still has concerns that the sewage might have made its way into a fresh-water brook.

He said: “The pipe might have been fixed but what damage has already been done?

“It was bad enough when the pipe was broken.

“It was just not safe in my view — children, old people and dogs were having to contend with this.”

However, Severn Trent confirmed to us this week that after completing repairs to the pipe on Main Street contractors were alerted to the claims with regards to the brook. They have also checked the water source and cannot see any problems.

A spokeswoman said: “Having spoken to the contractors who manage sewerage repairs in the area, they have done a repair and were made aware of the possibility of flooding going into the brook.

“They cannot find anything there now.

“As far as we are aware, everything is sorted. But we would advise anyone locally who spots any problem to contact us as soon as possible.”

Mr Barksby said he had met with Kimberley Town Council chairman, Cllr Jim McDonald, and vice-chairman David Nunn last month with regard to the broken pipe.

Both councillors were unavailable for comment.

Broxtowe Borough Council confirmed it had received no formal complaints about the pipe on Main Street.