Possible solutions to A610 blackspot

NEAA 22-08-12 BE 4 A610 accident black spot at the B&Q island in Eastwood.
NEAA 22-08-12 BE 4 A610 accident black spot at the B&Q island in Eastwood.
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The highways authority agreed to look a what could be done to improve an accident blackspot on the A610 after town and parish councils united this week.

Representatives from councils came together to meet with highways officials about the slip road junction near the B&Q Island in Eastwood on Monday night.

After a presentation about the dangers posed at the junction, highways officers said money was an issue but they would ‘fully look into it’ and see what could be done.

Councillors – who say traffic already on the A610 has no warning about cars merging from the slip road – are campaigning for warning signs, speed reduction measures and a crash barrier in the central reservation to save accidents spilling over to the other side of the carriageway.

Kimberley town councillor Steve Brunt, who instigated the meeting, showed pictures of damage to the pavement and lamp columns, caused by crashes.

“Not only are there no warning signs on the approach but there’s not even a crash barrier to protect cars on the other side of the road,” he said.

One councillor said as drivers travel down the slip road ‘even if they stick their neck out they can’t see what’s coming’ and another said it was a ‘serious, serious problem’.

Eastwood town councillor Brian Griffin said: “When it was built it was adequate, but now we have more cars on the road, and they are faster cars.

“We have an antiquated, very dangerous junction.”

Cllr Griffin said it was everybody’s problem.

“It’s not one councillor’s problem. We all pass through there,” he added.

“We have got to take action here. We need to push for this or before long there will be a fatality. Something needs to be done. Doing nothing is not an option.”

And Cllr Shane Easom from Kimberley Town Council told the highways officials: “You have got to look at the whole thing. You’ve had to pay out three times to replace the lamp columns.”

Councillors’ suggestions included reducing the speed limit on the A610 to 50mph, turning the slip road into a stop junction instead of a giveway, laying rumble strips on the carriageway to slow traffic, and putting warning signs up about merging traffic.

Dave Walker, district highways manager for Broxtowe, said the budget had to be spent ‘wisely’ but some options could be possible.

“We attended the meeting on Monday and listened closely to what was said,” he told the Advertiser afterwards.

“We have asked Kimberley and Eastwood town councils to officially submit a list of what they would like to see done and we will respond accordingly.”

A representative from the Road Safety Partnership said there had been four reported collisons since 2008 – three of which were this year.

But councillors argued the area has seen ‘repeated collisions’ with many smaller accidents going unreported meaning this was not a realistic reflection of the problem.