Postmaster seeks new apprentices

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A major post office makeover could lead to a first-class career for two Derby College apprentices.

Raj Mohan, 41, subpostmaster at Kirk Hallam Post Office, is joining forces with the college as he gets set to take on further responsibility for the post office across the border in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

Work started this week (November 4) on a major revamp at Eastwood, with Raj ploughing in his own cash to improve the retail side of the store.

He is now looking for an apprentice in both Eastwood and Kirk Hallam, as he takes on the double responsibility and splits his time between the two operations.

Raj said: “Ideally we’re looking for people with flexibility, and who can be good in a customer service environment – and of course good at handling cash.

“Accuracy is important – one zero out of place at a post office can lead to big, big problems.

“I’ve got an apprentice with me at Kirk Hallam at the moment and she’s doing really well.

“Sometimes it takes a bit of time to get used to all the systems but once we have people trained in what they need to do, we like to keep them with us.

“That’s our aim here. We’re really hoping to offer full time jobs.”

Derby College’s Fiona Skinner said: “This is an exciting opportunity for a young person looking for a foothold on the career ladder.”

Raj said he’s taking on the job at Eastwood following the retirement of the previous subpostmaster.

He wants to create a one stop shop for the local community.

The makeover is set to create four counters, including one where the post office terminal will sit alongside the retail till.

Work started yesterday (Wednesday November 4) and the post office reopens on November 20.

Anybody interested in either of the apprentice vacancies should contact Raj on 0115 9320831 or Derby College on 0800 028 0289.

Alternatively, email or visit to see all the apprenticeship vacancies available at the college.

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