Pothole target hit by council

A pothole in Northumberland.
A pothole in Northumberland.

Nottinghamshire County Council is on course to have filled the equivalent of more than 152,000 pot holes across the county by the end of March.

Between April last year and the end of December, the council repaired nearly 60,000 individual pot holes - almost double the number filled in the whole financial year of 2013/14.

In addition, the Council launched a programme of patching works – a more substantial way of dealing with roads where the concentration and number of potholes makes it uneconomical to fill them on an individual basis.

By the end of the financial year this patching programme will have repaired nearly 31,000sq metres of the county’s roads – the equivalent of over 92,000 potholes.

As the eleventh largest county in the UK, the Council looks after a network of around 2,600 miles of road and spends more than £2.8m a year on carriageway repairs such as patching and filling in potholes.

Last year the Council launched its new three-pronged approach to potholes and patching which involves repairing potholes ‘right the first time’ on time and quickly, to repair nearby potholes at the same time, and to batch together patching works.

This and the extra funding of £2.78m from the Government has enabled the council to increase dramatically the number of pot holes it fixes.