Primary gets its first ever ‘good’ rating

Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School are celebrating their Good Ofsted report. Headteacher Emma McGrenagham is pictured with pupils
Lynncroft Primary and Nursery School are celebrating their Good Ofsted report. Headteacher Emma McGrenagham is pictured with pupils

A primary school in Eastwood has just achieved its first ‘good’ rating from government inspectors since it opened over 40 years ago.

Teachers at Lynncroft Primary School were ‘ecstatic’ at hearing the news and now say they will strive to make the school ‘outstanding’.

Headteacher Emma McGrenaghan said: “We are all just so pleased. All the hard work has paid off. We felt we were good but it’s having that stamp of approval and that acknowledgement.

“All the staff are so happy. It’s a great reward.

“We will carry on and strive for outstanding now.”

Lynncroft Primary School was in special measures when Ms McGrenaghan joined the team three years ago.

This was moved up to ‘needs improvement’ not long after she arrived.

She said: “We’ve managed to turn things around in the last few years. It has been hard work and commitment from the staff to provide the best quality education for the kids.

“The kids here are absolutely fantastic as well. They are so enthusiastic and everyone says how caring they are.

“We have great support from the community and also hard working governors to move things forward.”

Ms McGrenaghan said another driving force was an increase in staff training and access to courses.

“Staff have had the opportunity to access professional development to help them move forward. They have also taken on different leadership roles which has helped,” she said.

The headteacher said reading and an extensive curriculum were two of the school’s strong points.

But she said maths had to be focussed on for further improvement.

The school’s latest Ofsted report said: “The well-focused and effective leadership and management of the headteacher and the hard work of the staff team have improved the school. Standards are rising.”

Inspectors said Lynncroft was a “happy, welcoming school which pupils enjoy and are proud to attend.

“Good relationships, high expectations and a consistent approach to managing behaviour all result in pupils behaving well and feeling safe,” said the inspectors.

The report goes on to say that young children are well taught and make a good start to their school life and pupils who have special educational needs make good progress.

The school has been told to focus improvements on maths, writing and pushing the more able students a bit further.

The report also said communication with parents could be looked at.

“Most parents regard the school highly but too many parents are critical of how effectively the school communicates with them,” the report states.

Some parents, especially from year four, are particularly concerned about too many changes of teacher.”