Prime Minister visits Kimberley

Prime Minister David Cameron
Prime Minister David Cameron

The Prime Minister visited Kimberley today to meet with residents following the Government announcement that millions of pounds will be spent on potholes.

David Cameron told the Advertiser: “I am here because pothole investment is important. Lots of hard working people are having to spend far too much money because of potholes. We asked councils to bid for money.”

He said the money would go towards repairing 52,000 potholes in Nottinghamshire, meaning people would spend less money on repairing their vehicles that had been damaged by potholes.

The Advertiser also asked the PM about his views on potential plans to build 600 homes in the town. Read what he had to say in next week’s Advertiser.

Asked about what he thought to the football result, he said he was ‘disappointed’ but it wasn’t over yet. He encouraged people to carry on cheering England on.