Prize for parking fight at school

Brinsley Primary School win prize
Brinsley Primary School win prize

A school in Brinsley has been awarded a £500 prize for its bid to make their community a better place to live and work.

Brinsley Primary School won second prize at the annual Helping Hands Awards for their scheme to tackle illegal parking outside the school on Moor Road.

As part of the initiative to develop good citizenship, pupils in years four, five and six identified parking as a serious problem after speaking to local residents and vowed to take action.

With the help of local PCSOs, the children launched a walk to school day, looked at the current parking restrictions and discussed possible improvements. Head teacher Jo Knapp said there had been some positive changes.

She said: “They have had some yellow lines painted on the road outside the school, and Moor Road is less busy than it has been.”

She added: “I am exceptionally proud of the staff and the children who were involved as it was an issue which was really affecting the local area.

“I would like to thank teachers Beth Turner and James Wainwright because they have really driven the school forward. We won third place last year and we hope to take first place next year,”