Problem potholes in Broxtowe could now be fixed - and you name Eastwood as the most badly affected area

Filling in potholes in Northumberland.
Filling in potholes in Northumberland.

Frustrated residents and councillors are hoping that some of the £77,883,000 set aside by the government to maintain roads in Nottinghamshire over the next six years will go towards fixing potholes in Broxtowe and Ashfield.

It has also been announced that £578m has been set aside for an incentive fund scheme which will reward councils who deliver value for money improvements.



The money is part of a total of just under £6 billion from the local highways maintenance funding for local authorities across England, but several councillors have been vocal about ensuring the funds are fairly distributed.

County councillor Jason Zadrozny has called for Ashfield to get its fair share of the £77m.

He said: “By our estimates, this should fix every pot-hole and resurface every road that needs to be sorted in Ashfield.

“I will be working hard to ensure that the County Council make the most out of this much needed investment and the money is not squandered.”

While sharing his hopes for the coming year Leader of Eastwood Town Council David Bagshaw also included potholes in his list.

He added: “I would like to see every pothole in Eastwood filled.”

Many of you have been in touch to tell us where the worst potholes are in your local area.

Surprisingly 11 of the 14 places named were in Eastwood, with Greenhills Road identified as the worst offender, and one resident joked that ‘Eastwood is a giant pothole’.

Where do you think the worst potholes are?

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