Progress for retail park cinema plans

Giltbrook Retail Park.
Giltbrook Retail Park.

Plans for a cinema at the Giltbrook Retail Park have moved a step closer.

A ‘major operator’ is interested in opening a cinema on the site and a working group has now been set up to prove to retail park owners that it is needed.

The working group, made up of councillors and residents, will look at various ways they can collate evidence to show site owners British Land that Kimberley folk definitely want one.

Cllr Richard Robinson said they will be sending out surveys, launching a petition, promoting the idea through social media, and asking residents to write letters in.

He said: “During 2013 our challenge will be to collect the evidence to persuade the owners of the retail park that local people really do want a cinema in this location.

“I know a lot of the local businesses on the park are in favour of this exciting project.

“The methodology to collate the evidence will be done in a number of ways.”

Kimberley Cllr Richard Robinson, who has been working on getting a cinema to the area for the last six months, was first approached by a local resident about it.

He then suggested the idea to others, putting it out in his monthly newsletter, and said he was bombarded with words of support for the idea.

“I have been undertaking a lot of work behind the scenes during the past six months on this project,” said Cllr Robinson.

“I’ve been talking to cinema owners, having site meetings, discussing proposals with managers at Giltbrook Retail Park, and talking with members of the public.

“Now things are moving, and we need to involve the people in the town.”

Anybody interested in joining the working group, or volunteering to hand deliver leaflets, should email Cllr Robinson at richard.robinson@broxtowe gov or ring him on 0775 1970 640.